The Partiologist: Star Cake Pops!

Star Cake Pops!

If you take these Star Cake Pops topped with a Santa hat to your next party, I'm pretty sure you'll be the star.  And with only a week before Christmas, you're probably wanting to spend the day making cake pops, right?

Star Cake Pops!

You know, in your spare time.

My first thought was to make round cake pops, but then I remembered I had this star shaped mold and have never used it!

So these happy little faces were created.

I mean, how can you not love them, they're smiling!

And I know you want to make them too.

This is the star mold I was telling you about.

Make your cake pop mixture and press into the mold.

You'll have to remove the excess off the mold...every time to get a clean shape.

After you finish forming all the cake pop stars, gather the sticks.

You could use white lollipop sticks, or the red from this package.

Dip the end of the stick into yellow Wilton candy melts and insert into the star.

Set aside and let harden.  Continue dipping all the cake pops into the yellow Wilton candy melts.

Lay on parchment paper to dry.  

If you want the back to be smooth, you'll have to stand them up.

Next it's time to add the red hat.

This time, instead of using candy melts, I used red royal icing and piped around the top of the star.

Before the red dries, add a white candy pearl.

Using royal icing again, I piped a white line across the bottom of the red hat and immediately sprinkled with white dragees.

Place the cake pops in a lollipop stand to dry and so the white pearl does not slide off the top.

Now you're almost done...and almost smiling.

Pipe a couple dots of white royal icing and add royal icing eyes.

Pipe a black smile and add red cheeks.

And now you're done...and smiling.

Happy Cake Popping!


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