The Partiologist: Bohemian Themed Cookies!

Bohemian Themed Cookies!

Of course you knew BoHo themed cookies would a part of the luncheon.  I loved the way they turned out and couldn't wait for the Bride Tribe to see them.

Bohemian Themed Cookies!

Made with cake lace, fondant and a lot of love, the cookies were created.

Boho Chic Cookies!

I think I remade the feather three times before I liked it

Then next was the arrow.

Easy enough, it came out just the way I liked.

The dream catcher took a little while, as the feathers are cake lace and had to be made one at a time and dry.  Not hard, just time consuming.  Then the hand painted gold.

On to the teepee.

First airbrushed, stenciled and topped with hand painted cake lace and fondant.

This is what BoHo Dreams are made of.

Dream On!


  1. These are so pretty! I love the feathers and the dreamcatcher!! The time you invested was well worth it! Where did you find a feather silicone mat for the feathers and dreamcatcher lacy center?

  2. I found them! Sugar Veil sells them. Thanks for the inspiration. I have made dream catchers cookies in the past and have piped the feathers with a leaf tip. I like yours better!!!


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