The Partiologist: Cute and Creepy Halloween Treats!

Cute and Creepy Halloween Treats!

EEK!  Next week begins October and I'm sure you're looking for a little trick or possibly a little treat.  Some of my favorite Halloween ideas include candy corn, cute and creepy spiders, chocolate and more!

Halloween Tricks and Treats!

It's time to Trick out your Halloween Treats!

Loving this Candy Corn Cake!

You know I'll never have a theme without making Rice Krispie Treats!

If you like creepy instead of cute, check out the Creepy Tombstone Cookie!

Not all tombstones have to be creepy, these are just right.  Tombstone Sugar Cookies!

Next up are the Oreo's Spiders!  It was brought to my attention they are not actually spiders.  Sorry about the lack of legs.

Now these, my friends are actually spiders with the correct number of legs.  Fuzzy Cookie Spiders!

Speaking of Spiders, this was one of the sweetest kind...Spider Web Topped Brownie!

And another way to make your spider cute instead of creepy, Spider Topped Oreo's!

If I'm going to eat a bone, I prefer it to be a Chocolate Bone Cookie!

How will you Trick out your Treats?


  1. I'm a nut for all things Candy Corn! Your treats are too cute..and I'm sure, yummy too! :)

    1. Thank you so much, I love making candy corn treats!!


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