The Partiologist: Bumble Bee OREOS!

Bumble Bee OREOS!

Once the "What Will it Be?" theme was decided for the gender reveal, I began dreaming up the sweet desserts that would be served. Yep, Oreo's are always a part of my dessert buffet.  This time I made Striped Oreo's topped with little bumble bees. Aren't they Bee-utiful?

Bumble Bee Oreo's!

Sometimes I just wish things would go as I have planned.  Actually, I ALWAYS wish things would go as planned.  Although these little bees were to be on top of a Oreo Cookie Hive, I have to say, changing the plan worked.

They were sprayed with an airbrush spray made for chocolate, or the color would have beaded up.

I also used premade bumble bee toppers.  Which made my life easier.

Buzzing right along, I'll show you how.

You know the Oreo drill, right?

Coat the inside of the cookie mold with yellow candy melts. 

To achieve a bit of a golden color, I added one chocolate candy melt to the bag of yellow candy melts.

After the candy had hardened, remove from mold.

With a stripe stencil and black airbrush (make sure the airbrush color is not water based), I sprayed across the top of the Oreo.  This airbrush color for chocolate is hard to find, so you could also pipe black stripes with royal icing.

And I always use my stencil genie to hold my stencil in place.

I added a swirl of royal icing and the bumble bee.

My favorite little bee.

Keep on Buzzing!


  1. You always make the cutest things using OREO Cookies and these are so perfect for your bee themed party.

    1. Well, they weren't what I had planned, but I did love how they turned out! Thanks!

  2. What darling ideas for a reveal party !!! Ok ...what is the gender ?
    Congrats on the new little one on the way !!!!

    1. Well, I guess I should really reveal the gender, right? IT'S A GIRL! I am over the moon excited! Thank you Lynn!


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