The Partiologist: Bumble Bee Cake Pops!

Bumble Bee Cake Pops!

When working on the desserts, I always try and come up with something new.  I wanted to make cake pops, but Bumble Bee Cake Pops are nothing new, in fact they've been buzzing around for years.  So I was left with a come up with a new and unique Bumble Bee Cake Pop.

Bumblebee Cake Pops!

Seriously, I was in love.  With the bulging eyes, they couldn't have been any cuter.  Wait, I am allowed to say that since I made them?  To be fair, I'm the first to admit with I've created a mess.  Maybe I should share that post? 

Anyway, back to the cute Bumble Bees.  Correct me please, is it Bumblebee or Bumble Bee?  Don't worry you won't offend me, I have been corrected many times.  Today, I'm calling them Bumble Bees.

Just because.

And if you're wondering how, I'll show you.

I may have skipped a few steps of photos in my madness to get them finished.  But you can see the antennae are made from cardstock. (Cut with my Cricut)  You could also wrap a black pipe cleaner around the straw and add pom poms to the ends.

After shaping my cake balls, I inserted the straw and added the antennae, barely touching the cake pop.

Then I dipped each little bee pop into the melted yellow candy melts.  To achieve the golden yellow, I added two chocolate candy melts to a bag of yellow candy melts.

This is when I realized I stopped taking photos.  

I drizzled black candy melts around the cake pop to make the bee stripes.

Set aside and let dry.

A day or two before making the cake pops you'll need to make the eyes.  

I cut white fondant circles and smaller black fondant circles.  Attached them together with a dab of water.

They need to dry long enough to hold their shape, overnight or a couple of days.

Attach the eyes to the cake pop with a bit of melted candy melts.  Hold in place until they are firmly attached.

Here's looking at you.

To Bee or not to Bee?


  1. These are seriously the cutest bumblebee cake pops I have ever seen. I LOVE their giant eyes. I have one little suggestion to anyone making these, if you use modeling chocolate (candy clay) instead of fondant, the eyes will dry quickly and be ready to use within an hour. Plus they'll taste yummy too! Now I want to have a bee themed party so I can make these cuties!!!

    1. Candy clay is a great idea too, but for some reason it doesn't dry any faster for me. I'll have to make it again and give it another try!

  2. Hi would you be to sell those antennas you made?

    1. Possibly, please e-mail me at for more information. Thanks!


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