The Partiologist: Bumble Bee Jell-O Parfait!

Bumble Bee Jell-O Parfait!

In reality, a bumblebee parfait doesn't really sound good, it sounds like something you might eat if you were on a reality game show.  And it would be a game show I would lose because I'm not eating any kind of insect.  Ever.  I added a bumblebee to the stem of the glass and that's why they are now a bumblebee Jell-O parfait.  And you should see the way I served the chips!

Bumblebee Jell-O Parfait!

See what I mean?  What else would you call them?  And the Jell-O/Pudding combination topped with whipped cream makes them a Parfait.  Or at least that's what I'm calling them.

Aren't they the perfect parfait?

Now you can add these little cuties to your "Bee" themed party!

I added bumblebees to the end of black pipe cleaners and wrapped them around the stem of the parfait glass.  Then I took photos of them everywhere, but this is not where they landed.

I had the perfect spot on my sofa table for serving.

Front and center were the honeycomb napkins.

I  just HAD to order them.

On each side of the table, the chips were served in bumblebee tulle skirted glass bowls.

Yes, I had the little skirts in my bumblebee themed party supplies.

Then on the bottom shelf, I had more treats!

Remember the little favor boxes?

And in the middle I served Gramma Gigi's Granola.

I filled push pop containers and wrapped each with a honeycomb ribbon.

I think every inch of this table was used!

What more could you ask for?

Just wait and see!


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