The Partiologist: Bumble Bee Cornbread!

Bumble Bee Cornbread!

I promise, this Bee themed party is almost over, please don't buzz away.

I wanted to serve cornbread because we were having Bar-B-Que for the gender reveal dinner.  And it goes great with honey.  Then I wanted the cornbread to be in cute little bee shapes.  How can something so cute, bee so time consuming?

Bumble Bee Cornbread!

Let me tell you, I had a pan with insect/bug shapes and had to bake two bumblebee's at a time.  Because I didn't want ladybugs, fireflies or butterflies at the party, I had to cool the pan, wash and dry and do it all over again until all 18 were baked up.

Yes, only 12 made it to the serving tray, because if I wasn't careful, they turned too brown.  Still tasted good, but too brown. 

I found the best spot to display them, along with the honey jars.

And I also made a game.  Because what party doesn't have a game?

Everyone took a guess as they entered the party.

They put their name on a piece of cardstock and pinned it to the board.  Guessing it to be a Boy or Girl.

What is your guess?

After the reveal, the names were put in a bowl and a winner selected.

What was the prize?

A Honey Comb!

Bee cause there were so many treats, of course each person was sent home with a box of goodies.  And trust me, they were filled to the brim!

Besides Bee-ing cute, they worked perfect to hold all the treats.

 Please don't fly away, I've got one more post to share...the Dessert Table!

This party was meant to Bee!


  1. They were worth the effort. Serving corn bread bees with your honey was a fantastic idea!


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