The Partiologist: Valentine Cookies!

Valentine Cookies!

Here's a little FYI...with Valentines day quickly approaching, don't listen if someone tells you they don't want or need anything, it's not true.  No one really needs anything, but they do want to know they are loved.  My husband would probably feel the love if I cooked a nice dinner, which I totally could, but we both know if we want a delicious Valentine's dinner we're going out. So what are you doing this Valentine Day? 

I decided to do what I do best, make cookies!  Valentine cookies for teachers.

Valentine Cookies!

When the order came in for teacher Valentine cookies, I knew just what I wanted to do.  Make something sweet and elegant.  Please note, for this order everyone happened to be women.

While making the golden swish cookies, another idea popped into my head and thought I would give it a try.

A puffy stripe and gold heart with edible gold leaf and roses. 

These give a new meaning to rose gold!

Here's how.

First bake your favorite heart shape cookie.

Use a wide stripe cookie stencil and Stencil Genie.

Place the cookie under the stencil and paint your favorite gold airbrush color.  No need to use an airbrush!

Next, remove the cookie from under the stencil.

Make pink icing, place in bag and cut the tip off.

Outline the gold stripe and fill in with icing.

Carefully place the Edible gold leaf on the cookie.  Edible Gold leaf is expensive, so using sparingly.  Or you don't have to use it at all.  Maybe just dip a brush into the gold airbrush and splatter.

Onto the gold swish tutorial.

Bake and flood the cookie with pink icing.

Using your favorite gold, paint a few swishes across the top.

Next add the ribbon roses, information HERE.

With a tiny brush, make a dot of edible glue on the cookie and place the gold sequins.  Yes, one by one.

Finish with a tiny green leaf.

I ended up liking the solid pink best.  Good thing because the stripe took a lot longer.


They're Golden!


  1. What lucky teachers. These are so elegant and striking. Love the pink and gold together. from,twobeautifulgirls

  2. Absolutely Beautiful! CHEERON!

  3. Oh my goodness, Kim! Your Valentine cookies are SO beautiful!! :)


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