The Partiologist: It's a Fiesta!

It's a Fiesta!

It's a Fiesta! Because this Señorita was ready to host another party for her family, a fiesta was the first idea that popped into my mind. Immediately I started going through my party supplies and found I had everything I needed. Actually, I had more than I needed!


Every fiesta needs a pinata, right? This little guy was there for the centerpiece, not to be beaten.

I mean who could break this cutie? Along with the unbeatable pinata, I had sweets to fill the island.

Cake Pops, Churro Cupcakes and Rice Krispie Treats. Of course I had RKT dipped in chocolate. One of my favorite treats and you'll find them at all of my parties!

Simple display with tissue paper flowers!

Easy to make confetti out of colored crepe paper!

It was fun to make all the desserts.

Like I said, RKT are one of my favorites, especially if they're dipped in chocolate!

With the added colored sticks, sprinkles and raffia they were fiesta ready.

The Churro Cupcakes were delicious, good thing I made a couple extra. You know, in case someone ate one or two before the party.

Added mini churros and bright flags to the top.

Made the cupcake wrappers with my Cricut and striped plates to place them on.

To make it a PARTY, I added cake pops!

The flowers were made of fondant and a mold.

I made a mix of sprinkles to match the flowers.

I almost forgot...the MAIN dessert was Fried Ice Cream in cinnamon/sugar shells. (I used an  "Unfried" Ice Cream Recipe) It was so good, the family loved it but I fofgot to take photos!

Now let's move on over to the table.

It was fun to use dishes I had packed away for so many years!

Along with the bright napkins and placemats!

I wrapped a paper flower around the napkins to add to the festivities!

A little maraca on each plate and a donkey to side of the cup.

And a little donkey stir stick.

Added the flower centerpiece and the table was ready

All of these treasures were stored away, just waiting to be brought to life again!

Above the table I hung a fiesta banner.

The only way to FIESTA!

Along with the Mexican soda and caramel popcorn!

The sodas were more like a juice than soda pop and we enjoyed them all!

Maybe I should call these Señor Caramel Popcorn?

The party didn't stop when lunch was over. We played Fiesta Bingo!

I purchased the digital game on Etsy, printed and then we played. 

I used Skittles for the playing pieces and had a prize for each game winner.

I tied prizes to the raffia and tucked them under tissue paper, leaving only the colored raffia on top. The winner of each game had to shake their maraca and yell BINGO then pull a raffia ribbon and see what they won!

I almost forgot...I made invitations to set the tone for the party. I only had to make two. :)

Cha cha cha!

When the Fiesta was over, I was definitely ready for a Siesta!


  1. I sure wish I was in quarantine with you! Your party looks like so much fun and your table decorations were amazing. I hope you and your family continue to be safe, healthy, and happy.

    1. Thanks Beth, it has been fun preparing special events for my family while at home!!

  2. Love it! So much fun, I love all the cute tableware items.

    1. Thank you so much, I had a great time finding all my treasures hat had been packed away for so many years!

  3. Amazing party idea. Thanks for sharing!!


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