The Partiologist: Let's Flamingle!

Let's Flamingle!

Well people, I'm still entertaining my family! Yes, my days are filled with finding party decor to go with my next theme. It's part of my work out, lifting storage bins from the large stack to another and going through them one by one. Fortunately they are clear and I can mostly see what's inside. But it is true excitement finding things I had completely forgotten about.

Let's Flamingle!

And every time I flamingle, I need a cake. This has always been a cake I've wanted to make after seeing so many versions online. Using candy melts for the feathers and head, it was pretty simple.

And it was the center attraction in all the tropical sweets. 

I served the flamingo cake and frozen drinks at the party, the other desserts were boxed up and sent home. 

Again, this was a party only for my family, I made invitations. Would you believe I spent hours making them? And I only had to make two.

All my parties include invitations, including small parties for my family. 

Let's Famingle and have some fun...
Then party like a pineapple under the sun!

Have you ever heard the saying "Let's Flamingle" or "Party like a Pineapple"? Please tell me you have, because my family hadn't and thought I was a little cuckoo. Maybe I should have said "Let's Party like a Flock Star"?

It was day in the tropics. Or maybe I should say a day in my tropical decorated kitchen.

The coconut macaroons were turned into pineapple macaroons by adding chocolate drizzle and yellow sprinkles. Then I topped each one off with a pineapple pick.

The pineapple boxes were perfect to fill with chocolate covered caramel popcorn! I would show you the inside of mine filled with the popcorn, however I forgot to take a photo before I ripped the box apart and ate the popcorn!

And I have to say the Dole Whips were my favorite, using a recipe I created. Delicious and if you want the inside scoop, let me know! And don't you LOVE those pineapple toppers?

Some of my family preferred the strawberry smoothies...Or maybe they preferred the flamingo toppers?

They were small enough, so we could try both.

Do you realize every dessert can be turned into a theme? Like Scotcharoo bars. Nothing tropical about them until I added fondant pineapples.

And the chocolate truffles, turned into tropical chocolate truffles with the added pineapple pick.

A simple little snack was the tropical trail mix. With the added dried pineapple and papaya.

Even the beverages were flamingo ready with the perfect pink can to coordinate!

Because it was a party, I planned a game. And because it was a party, I had prizes.

One for each winner. Or should I say one for each because everyone's a winner!

Perfect to hold a little gift card.

And a tropical gift for each guest. Maybe the bags were more tropical than the gift? I added the cutouts to the front of each bag. CUTENESS!!


Now let's move over to the dining table.

Pretty and simple all at once, the party pick and pineapple added a bit of the tropics to the glass.

Had to take a photo of the tropical fruit, I used a glass bowl instead of the pineapple like I had planned.

One last look at the tropical island. Seriously, this is probably the closest thing to an island I'll get.

Good Times and Island Vibes!


  1. My Favorite tropical party ever! The cake was adorable!

    1. Aww, thanks it was such fun to bring out all the tropics!

  2. I love that you are keeping up your Partiologist persona through all of this! I'm sure your family is having a blast at your parties. Your cake is so adorable as are all of your drinks and treats.

    1. Well, I'm not sure who's loving it more, me or my family! It has been a lot of fun for us all, thanks!


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