The Partiologist: Paris Themed Cake and Cupcakes!

Paris Themed Cake and Cupcakes!

While the rest of the world was out traveling and seeing the sights of Paris in 2019, I was in my kitchen listening to the sounds of Paris.  Remember my CD?  It kept me going day after day. Who knew I could make an Eiffel tower in so many ways.  
Leading to the cake and cupcakes.

Eiffel Tower Cookie Cake!

Do you notice the baby bump on the cookie?  And the cute little poodle with a gold bow? And the best part was all I had to do was place the cookies on the side of the cake the day of serving. I had tall toothpicks on the back side holding it in place.

And add the giant Eiffel tower cookie to the top.

Sweet as can be!  

Of course I served Gramma Gigi's Famous French Vanilla Cake!

We all had a piece of cake and just in case the guests wanted chocolate, I had cupcakes.

Ooh la la were they ever pretty.  And NO the Eiffel tower is not made of paper, it is edible!

Topped with a edible gold Eiffel tower and fondant rose, all made by me!

Displayed on a large black stand on the table, which is really not a cupcake stand. But nothing is ever what it is meant to be, right?

Did you miss me posting about the granola in the glass?  I didn't think so.

Mangez bien, riez souvent, aimez beaucoup!
"Eat well, laugh often, love a lot!"


  1. I love that you decorated the cake with cookies!

    1. I was excited to put the finishing touches on the cake...meaning cookies! Thank you!


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