The Partiologist: Paris Themed Cake Pops and Oreos!

Paris Themed Cake Pops and Oreos!

You'll be seeing more Paris themed desserts then you would ever imagine.  I have never traveled to Paris and I'm pretty sure you won't find these desserts there, but I incorporated everything I know about Paris into my desserts.  Like the Eiffel Tower.

Paris Themed Desserts!

When I started with the cake pops, I didn't know where they would take me.  I made homemade strawberry cake for the inside (because I wanted pink) and colored candy melts light pink for the coating.  Then I decided to add swirls of pink around each cake pop and sprinkle with edible gold dust.  

I made the Eiffel tower of fondant and let dry, painted it gold and added a pink fondant rose.

These could be one of my favorites of all, and look so pretty displayed!

Then I made the Chocolate covered Oreos.

I can't say they're my favorite desserts, but they are one of my favorite sweets to decorate.

Using the same Eiffel tower mold, this time I made it out of black fondant and added a gold bow. 

Notice the pink, black and white polka dot cups they were presented in?

Something I just can't wrap my head around...All the hype of the French Macaron.  Being it was a Paris themed baby shower, I knew I needed to make French Macarons.  

While I had the guests tell me they were delicious, I still think I'd rather have chocolate.  Like in a piece of cake.  But then again, would my guests tell me any different?

Anyway, before baking, I sprinkled each macaron with edible gold leaf and added an edible gold fleur de les made from a sugar sheet.

Well, I think three desserts is all I have time to share today.


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