The Partiologist: Paris Themed Rice Krispie Treats - Two Ways!

Paris Themed Rice Krispie Treats - Two Ways!

Bonjour sweet peeps!  Thanks for joining me for more Parisian themed goodies.  Today I'll be featuring one of my favorite desserts.  Chocolate covered Rice Krispie Treats and they are French themed.  The poodle on the front makes them French.

Poodle Rice Krispie Treats!

Can you believe chocolate covered rice Krispie treats are one of my favorite desserts?  Well, I guess I did say chocolate covered, right?

You'll find them on the Dessert Table off to the side displayed on a photo frame.  I added scrapbook paper to the frame to coordinate with the table.

Can you find them?

A way of making scotcharoo bars French, is add a chocolate Eiffel tower!

Both desserts are made with Rice Krispies, Scotcharoo Bars are made with peanut butter.

They were a great addition to the dessert table.

Next is all about the cake...and cupcakes!


  1. How did you make the Eifel Towers? They are really a fun addition to the treats.

    1. Pressed fondant in a mold and painted with edible gold. Thank you!

  2. Replies
    1. RKT are one of my favorite desserts, especially if they're covered in chocolate! Thank you!


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