The Partiologist: Paris Themed Cookies!

Paris Themed Cookies!

It's not a party until you see the cookies.  And ooh la la, I have fallen in love.  Maybe you can select a favorite?  I find something to love on each one!  It's Amour!

Paris Themed Cookies!

This is another set I could continue adding and adding more designs.

Each embellishment, on each cookie, edible and handmade.

Handmade with love.

Take a little look.  The cookies were displayed on a platter front and center of the dessert table.

With a chocolate Eiffel Tower.  And boy do I have a story to tell about that tower.

I happened to be in Joann's one day and looked down and found a tin mold for an Eiffel Tower.  I mean, it was meant to be.  So I purchased the mold and read the instructions and made my chocolate tower. I made several in order to get two out of the mold without breaking.

Well, I left them on the counter and went to lunch.  It was a hot day and the direct sunlight melted a hole in one of my towers and the other was leaning. But I didn't give up.  I tried again to make another and after I had it made, I carefully placed it out of direct sunlight!

I then added a gold fondant frame filled with pink fondant roses.  Because, well because.

Now let's get back to the cookies.

Gold striped, topped with an Eiffel tower trimmed in pink roses and pink baby feet.  What could be sweeter?

The Eiffel Tower could be my favorite of the set.

I loved the simplicity of the design.  And then there's the bow.  The big gold bow.

What more could you want from a little Parisian bakery?

So many ways I have used my Eiffel tower mold.

Of course, a tiny French Poodle.

And I'm the first to say I loved the Onesie!  Everything edible!

Perfect for our little Bebe!

Did I mention I am in love with bows?????

One more time...

Paris is always a good idea!


  1. I love all your designs but the poodle is my favorite! They are so darn cute.

    1. Thank you so much, they were all such fun to make!


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