The Partiologist: Valentine Cocoa Bombs!

Valentine Cocoa Bombs!

HELLO 2021

So what's on trend for 2021? One thing I know is Cocoa Bombs! They were selling like hotcakes over Christmas and from the looks of things, they will continue their popularity well into 2021. I know, your Christmas decorations aren't even put away yet are they? And here I go posting something with hearts.

Valentine Cocoa Bombs! 

While I am in hopes of finding a heart shaped mold, for now I decided I better come up with something else just in case. And I did, in fact I think I like this better than a heart shaped cocoa bomb. It's all about the packaging. Cute packaging is always on trend and always will be.

Although made for a cupcake, the little boxes fit the cocoa bomb perfectly. Better than a cupcake. Because when I tried to add a cupcake to the box I totally smashed the frosting. And no one wants a smashed cupcake. So I was left with little boxes waiting for the perfect treat. I found perfect.

And I'm sure if you look around you'll find a little box you could repurpose too?

Then I remembered the little bags...another sweet way to package a cocoa bomb!

And these cocoa bombs were filled with a heart marshmallow.

Take a look!

Always expect the unexpected. While you can fill the bombs with traditional mini marshmallows, I decided to fill them with lips and hearts, along with something magically delicious.

Here's how to make the hearts and lips. All you have to do is buy the mini marshmallows and lucky charm marshmallows.

Fill the bottom half of your chocolate sphere with your favorite cocoa mix.

Using a S'mores marshmallow, cut the lip and heart with mini cookie cutters. I found it worked best if the marshmallow was a little frozen.

Then place the marshmallow inside and added the top of the chocolate sphere. Let it be a surprise when it opens up in the mug!

Drizzle the top with more chocolate and add sprinkles. Then try and remember which ones have a heart and which ones have lips?

And here is an easier way to package!

Easy peasy. Of course this is the one filled with the magically delicious marshmallows.

What would you choose your valentine cocoa bomb to be?

For me...this is the winner!

All you need is LOVE a Chocolate Cocoa Bomb!

Valentine Supplies HERE


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