The Partiologist: Beyond the Cookie!

Beyond the Cookie!

 Are you a cookie decorator, cake baker or all around dessert maker? If you answered yes to one or all, keep reading. This is for you. I'm naming this post "Beyond the Cookie". When given the opportunity to be creative with products from The Cookie Countess, I went beyond the sugar cookie.

Beyond the Cookie!

Have you ever seen such a stunning cookie? Well maybe, but this cookie is not only stunning, but simple to make. Usually stunning and simple are not in the same sentence. At least not in my sentences.

I mixed up a beautiful shade of teal, not too light not too dark. Kind of like goldilocks, just right. 

The base of the cookie was iced in teal, airbrushed with the gold.

Add the second stencil and scrape black royal icing across the top with the stencil scraper.

Remove stencil and the cookie is complete!

I have used The Cookie Countess products for years and they never disappoint. Never. And it's always fun to find new and unique ways to use the products. 

Need a good sugar cookie and royal icing recipe? Look no further.

Sugar Cookie and Icing Recipe HERE.

And let me just say, this is the first time using the Cookie Countess Tipless Bags. No need to worry, they won't spring a leak or burst at the seam. I just love them.

Here's another variation using the same stencil, this time using the Greenwich Plaque Cookie Cutter. I mixed a light shade of Preppy Pink Gel Color, airbrushed with Preppy Pink Airbrush Color  and the 14 Karat Gold Shimmer Edible Airbrush, then added the PYO Princess Stencil to the top. Not to be painted, but to be pretty. 

Here's a look at the process.

Mix your icing a soft shade of pink, using a toothpick to get just the right shade. It only takes a tiny teensy bit. The bottle is big and will last a long time. Flood your cookie with the royal icing and let dry overnight.

Using the 2 part Bits and Pieces stencil, airbrush the first layer with the preppy pink airbrush color and add the 2nd layer, the abstract design with the gold airbrush color. Next, add a pretty little princess in one swipe of royal icing using the Princess PYO stencil. Normally this stencil would be used for a Paint Your Own, but I thought it would look pretty on the cookie.

Like I said, the PYO princess stencil is for just that...paint your own! Of course I had to add it to my collection of princess themed goodies. Along with the castle.

Find the Castle PYO stencil HERE.
Find the Princess PYO Stencil HERE.

How fun for your little princess to paint with an edible paint palette and paint brush. I was so happy when The Cookie Countess offered the Edible Paint Palettes, it is the professional look I wanted. And believe me, I've tried several ways. Now this is my go to paint palette, as they have color palettes for every occasion.

Now for the packaging.

Tied with four ribbons made it fit for a princess. I added the paint palette and brush to a separate bag and inserted that bag into the bag with the cookie. Showing the front and back of the packaged cookie.

Edible Paint Palettes HERE.
Castle Stencil HERE.
Princess Stencil HERE.
Brushes HERE.

Another fun cookie creation is all about the magical stars and castle. I used the Falling Stars Stencil with the gold airbrush. Added the castle, to make it more magical.

Take a look.

After icing the cookie, use the falling star stencil and spray with the gold airbrush. Let dry overnight, hold the stencil in place with your finger and stencil the castle on the side.

Have you ever made chocolate covered Oreos? They usually seem to be the first to go at a party. Maybe all that chocolate or maybe all that cuteness?

Don't they look just magical? Here's how.

Currently the Princess 4some mini/macaron stencil is sold out. Here is an option for Easter that would work in the same way.

Make the chocolate covered Oreos. Holding the stencil in place, use the Stencil Genie. Swipe royal icing across each of the princess stencils on the top of the Oreo, using the Stencil Scraper.

Let the royal icing completely dry. Go back and placed the stencil on top of the dry icing and spray gold with the Gold Airbrush Color. If you want a little more sparkle, add Roxy and Rich Gold Sparkle.

Now it's time to package.

I inserted all four Oreos into a 5" x 7" cellophane bag. Then tied with pink ribbon, then added another pink ribbon and another piece of gold ribbon. Tied them together for a beautiful presentation.

You know I never have a party without chocolate. Never. I wanted to create a unique way to use the Crowns Stencil with chocolate. And I did.

I've seen cookie decorators use a stencil to make royal icing transfers, but haven't given it a try until now.

I started by laying a piece of wax paper on my counter. Taping each end to hold in place. Then I added the crowns stencil, taping it to the wax paper, holding it in place.

I scraped royal icing across the stencil and carefully lifted the stencil off the wax paper. Leaving small royal icing crowns to dry. 

Once they were dry, I sprayed the sheet of royal icing crowns with 14 Karat Gold Shimmer Airbrush Spray.

Let them dry and carefully transfer to another pan or mat. Then they are ready to be used.

The next part is where the chocolate comes in.  

I melted chocolate and spread it across wax paper. Before the chocolate completely dried, I added the little gold royal icing crown accents. Making sure they were pressed into the chocolate before it set.

Once the chocolate had hardened, I cut into pieces, each with a tiny gold crown.

 Totally princess worthy.

Just in case you're not into the princess thing, the next sweet treat includes one of my favorites, the Rice Krispie treat. I never have a party without them. And this was one of the first times I used a stencil on fondant, it turned out terrific. Just in time for the Super Bowl, use the Football Field Lines Stencil and follow the tutorial HERE.

I love how crisp and clean the lines are. The fondant yard lines could be used on top of brownies, cakes, cookies and so much more. The possibilities are endless.

A big thank you to The Cookie Countess team for allowing me to be creative using their fabulous products! I totally feel like a Princess!


  1. I love how easy it is to use the stencils to make amazing looking cookies. Giving paint your own cookies as gifts is such a fun idea. The paint pallet is a perfect addition to a cookie gift.

    1. I just love using stencils and the professional look it gives. And the paint palette for the PYO cookie is the best idea ever!

  2. Everything looks so AMAZING! I love it all! So many fun ideas!

    1. Thank you so much, it was so fun getting to be creative!

  3. WOW!!! This is all so amazing and it looks like the possibilities are just endless with the stencils and maybe even an armature like myself might be able to make a cookie look halfway decent. These were all VERY creative and turned out so beautiful. Loved the color choices too.

    1. Aww, thank you! You should give it a try, using a stencil is really so much fun and a thrill to see the finished product!

  4. So I loved absolutely everything!!! Every idea and design! I do believe I need to have a party! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much and...Yes, you should have a party!


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