The Partiologist: Chocolate Bunny Parfait!

Chocolate Bunny Parfait!

Who's ready for a cute chocolate bunny parfait? I used inexpensive chocolate rabbits for the project, just in case I messed it up, I wouldn't have too much invested. 

Chocolate Bunny Parfait!

Well, it looks like I could have used the expensive chocolate bunny because they turned out! 

Want to make one too? Let's hop to it.

After finding the perfect little chocolate bunny, I sliced off the ear with a hot sharp knife. I ran the knife under hot water and dried it, then sliced. So it not only sliced, it also kind of melted the chocolate so it wouldn't chip or break.

Then I added spring colored sprinkles to a paper plate.

Next, I melted the edge of the bunny in a hot pan. As soon as it began melting, I removed it from the heat and dipped in the sprinkles.

Doing the same with the ears of the bunny.

Let your favorite ice cream come to room temperature, or thawed enough to fill the bunny.

Place a decorating bag into a glass and fill with the ice cream.

Pipe the ice cream into the chocolate bunny and immediately top with miniature dried marshmallows.

And of course, a straw. Once it begins melting, you could drink it like a shake.

Or like a ice cream cone...a chocolate bunny cone!

Then add the chocolate bunny ears to top it off.

Freeze and serve...

Be sure to check out the surprise inside chocolate bunny HERE!

Ain't no bunny like the one I've got!


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