The Partiologist: Twinkle Twinkle Gender Reveal!

Twinkle Twinkle Gender Reveal!

Having someone tell you if it's a boy or girl isn't quite the same as finding out with all of your family! Along with food and delicious desserts. One of the parties I hosted last year was a Twinkle Twinkle gender reveal. So here it goes...

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, How we Wonder What You Are?

Twinkle Twinkle Gender Reveal!

I knew what desserts I wanted to make for the party, but for the decor...I needed to go on a mission.

And I saw the sign...maybe I should say I saw the prints. The little star and moon canvas prints. But I couldn't decide which to buy. One of each? In my mind I planned to put a star on one side of the gold dessert stand and a moon on the other. But I knew better. I couldn't have them NOT match. 

See what I mean? They're both so cute. I ended up buying two of the stars so I could have a star on each side of the dessert stand. Then I realized the back of the star was unfinished canvas. Yikes! You know, they were to be hung on a wall.

That's when it hit me and I quickly turned the car around and went back and bought two of the moon canvas prints.

I decided to put them back to back and trim with gold ribbon. They were wide enough to stand on their own.

Perfect for my island!

Along with the canvas prints, I had to dig around until I found all the necessary decor to finish out my theme.

I had gold trimmed plates and gold stars and round glass serving platters. And do you remember me using the gold stars in another party??

So are you ready to see the desserts?

I had fun using all my moon and star shaped molds.

I made all the desserts in blue and pink. The cake pops were blue with hand painted gold moon and gold stars. I added a dab of chocolate to hold them all in place.

You won't find a party of mine to be without a cupcake! These were French vanilla with French vanilla frosting and topped with a gold star.

I have an embossing mat I used on fondant and painted. I rolled the fondant thin, and then placed the mat over the top and rolled again. Then I cut out the stars, let them dry and painted with gold. The day of the party, after the cupcakes were frosted, I added the star to the top.

Next up, the chocolate cookies.

Another embossing mat I used on chocolate cookies. These cookies are so rich, I knew I didn't need to add frosting so they were my perfect canvas! I painted each little imprinted star with gold.

Using the same mold on fondant...

These cupcakes were also French vanilla, but topped with a pink or blue fondant topper.

Next up the Rice Krispie Treat topped with chocolate.

One of my favorite desserts but not my favorite decorated desserts for this party. I must have been running out of time. Gold painted star and cloud with edible gold leaf sprinkled.

I do love a peanut butter chocolate dessert and these turned out just the way I hoped.

Yes, my favorite! Topped with edible gold sugar sheets, punched out in moon and star shapes. Could they be any cuter?  

Oh and did I mention pretzels? Chocolate covered pretzels.

Again, using gold sugar sheets and gold edible stars. Each was out of this world.

Served on a gold platter.

Easy but time consuming are the cream cheese mints.

Pink and choose. What will it be?

And then there were Oreos. Dipped and decorated.

Little clouds of chocolate.

So the bags of popcorn were you could say semi-homemade. I bought the popcorn, drizzled with chocolate and added almonds.

The bags had gold stars imprinted and tied with told ribbon.

Don't go far, up next is the REVEAL!


  1. The entire party looks adorable!!!! I loved everything!
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much, I loved making everything! :)

  2. Those are gorgeous !!

  3. What a lovely theme, everything is so adorable!


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