The Partiologist: Minnie Mouse Cocoa Bombs!

Minnie Mouse Cocoa Bombs!

The temperatures are changing, it's cold in the morning and warm in the afternoon. So instead of turning on the heat, you could just warm up with a hot cup of cocoa. And if it's a Minnie Mouse cocoa bomb, you'll be extra warm.

Today I'm sharing the Minnie Mouse cocoa bombs I made for my family. I couldn't resist.  

Minnie Mouse Cocoa Bombs!

Not your average cocoa bomb. They have ears. And a bow.

Aren't they the cutest? So much fun to create. Maybe someday I'll make a tutorial.

Before creating the Minnie with the red bow cocoa bomb, I created golden themed Minnie desserts for my nieces.

I wanted to make something for them that was a little more elegant.

The gold bow was just was I was looking for! Made of fondant and hand painted.

And take a look at the marshmallow inside. Instead of several mini's I made a big one!

One big marshmallow! I used a stacker mallow and cut with a Mickey Mouse cutter.

Then I packaged them up.

They fit in the red boxes perfectly. And the polka dot packaging was just what Minnie needed.

My nieces LOVED them.

Along with the cocoa bombs, I made a few other treats with gold accents. Starting with gold bow cupcakes.

Chocolate cupcakes topped with buttercream and gold bows and sprinkles.

And one of my favorite Oreos.

It's not a send off without cookies, right?

And the castle.

I had many more sweets to fill their box. Including gold brushed Minnie RKT.

After making all the sweets for their trip, I had to find a way to package it all up.

Securely tied so I couldn't get into it.

It's all about the bow!


  1. PLEASE! Do a tutorial! Thanks!

    1. If I have enough interest, I may consider doing a tutorial! Thanks!

  2. The cocoa bombs are so cute and the entire gift box is amazing. I really love the "we're going to Disney" cookies. They are so fun!


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