The Partiologist: Birthday Party Part II

Birthday Party Part II

Believe it or not, there is MORE to Mable and Molly's party!  I'll show you another little space that I filled with some wine glasses I thought would be appropriate for a birthday party.  I used some little foam balloon letters, glued ribbon to the ends and made a glass for Mable and a glass for Molly, plus glasses for everyone else that spelled out Happy Birthday.  Again, I just stuck them to the wine glasses and popped them off after the party. 

I called this "Birthday Bubbles"!

I almost didn't get a photo of these little desserts before they melted.. They were called "Birthday Surprise" - a whipped cream cheese mixture with chopped candy bars and apples inside and of course topped with sprinkles!
Next were more drinks - started with a key lime margaritas and topped them with different colored sanding sugar, which melted into the drinks and changed the color ~  I used punch cups to serve this in and cut some straws in half to fit the cup ~
There were so many things that I wanted to make, I decided to make a little bit of each.  I had to use these cute little pinwheels for stir sticks, so here are the "Pineapple Pinwheel" drinks I created ~
And of course I always have plenty of H2O on hand and make that as special as any other drink ~ Remember those crazy straws???  Well, they're still crazy and it made my water crazy too!  (No, I'm not 12)
Mable and Molly requested some of their favorite foods ~
And a very easy table decoration were the bright candles - although I could NOT find orange candles and I searched everywhere!!  I guess not many people entertain the way I do!!
Since it WAS a birthday party we had to play a game, and what better game to play than pin the tail on the donkey!  Yes, I got some grown women to play, but only because I had prizes!
Of course I had to send everyone home with a little treat from the party - Mable and Molly's favorite - Red Velvet Cupcakes. I tied them in little bags with a party horn and curling ribbon attached.  The cupcakes were topped with a giant gumball and displayed on a cupcake tree ~
On behalf of Mable and Molly, thank you for taking the time to let them share their party with you!  Don't you wish you were a statue???? 

Life's A Party!



  1. I love this! I am laughing at the gory pin the tail on the donkey, LOL! I guess you will have to stock up orange candles around Halloween, JIC! The food looks marvelous, as do all the decorations! YOu are amazing!

  2. I have GOT to get on your party invite list...I can tell you throw the best ones ever! So creative...I know where to come when I need ideas! TFS!

  3. Oh I am so glad I stumbled onto your blog from Flickr, I too am into parties etc, so all of your hard work is appreciated!!


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