The Partiologist: Garden Party - Part III

Garden Party - Part III

Good Morning!  First of all, I would like to thank all of you for taking the time to comment, as much as I struggle with creating this blog - it's your comments that keep me going!  Yesterday, I ran out of time and energy and you probably were getting tired of listening to me go on and on, but when it comes to a party, I can't control myself!  So here are more of the decorations that I used in my Garden Party Theme. 

I have a long counter where I put out some appetizers and called it the "Butterfly Pavilion". 
Here's the set up~
Of course, I tried some new recipes and one of the favorites were the grilled sage and fontina flowers.  I cut the bread in daisy shapes before I grilled them.  On the right are cheese/cranberry filled endive and in the little tulip cups are roasted red pepper roll-ups.  Here's another view -
Then off to the side I made some Peanut "Butterfly" Bars - another little take home treat, and what a treat they were - I know, I ate quite a bit while making them!  After filling the little boxes with the treat, I cut colored paper, tied raffia and glued a little butterfly on each one.
Ohhh, I wish I had one right now!  Okay, let's go over to look at something "healthy" - Fresh Fruit Compote.  I started with my wine glasses, tied pink and white gingham ribbon around each stem, sugared the rims and filled with a wonderful fruit compote topped with a dollop of whipped cream. The polka dot runner is just a piece of fabric that I added pom pom trim and them placed each glass on a paper doily.   I titled this section "I Never Promised You a Rose Garden". (Don't ask me why.........)
More Pom Poms added to the decor~
Now, I wish I had one of these too, I may have to take a break and get a snack!!  If you notice the vases in the back, they are filled with glass marbles and the I tied the flower to the OUTSIDE of the vase - take a closer look -
Okay, on to more treats!  I gathered some items up to create this little corner.  Flipped over a vase, took a flower off a stem and glued it onto the top.  Then I made some little lemon butterfly cakes - can you tell I like sweets?
Really, I'm just about done, well almost!  I just remember I forgot to post something about my little mushroom brownies.  A very good friend of mine gave me some antique German place card holders and they were so cute I had to find a way to use them!  As you can see, the tiny little mushroom on each wooden flower base is just as cute as can be, so I decided to create something (meaning treat) to go with them.
A Mushroom Brownie~
Cut brownies with my mushroom cookie cutter and topped them with red and white fondant.

Now, really this is the last photo for this post - it the grand finale of our luncheon - my Whoopsie Daisy Cake!  This was the dessert that I actually cut into and served - everything else they got to take home.  It is a carrot cake covered in cream cheese frosting and homemade marshmallow fondant.  (Which by the way, I will never make again....oops, Never say Never!!) 

Well, that's all folks..............or is it???

It Is!


  1. thought of every detail. I have to say that those little bee and butterfly cakes were adorable! Thanks for sharing your ideas, and energy, with us! Looking forward to your next post! --Margo (Sacramento, CA)

  2. I am completely in AWE! You muct have worked for days to put this together! and NOW, I AM HUNGRY!!!

  3. OMG! Kim this is amazing!!! Next time i have a party, i have to consult you for ideas! Everything is soooo creatively put together!

  4. Kim, you are incredible! You amaze me with your decorating ideas. As a neighbor, I can vouch for how delicious her cookies are and you can already see how beautiful they are. It's hard to convince yourself to bite into one. You feel you're destroying a piece of art!

  5. LOVE everything! Can I come to your next party :)

  6. I LOVE the toadstool brownies! Oh, and the cake:)


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