The Partiologist: Goody Goody Gum Drops!

Goody Goody Gum Drops!

After having such fun with the gingerbread, I started feeling sorry for the gumdrops.  They've never had a post just for them - until now.  I've made gumdrops like never before. 

Goody Goody Gum Drops!
The first idea using a gumdrop shape were Cream Cheese Gumdrops~
And they taste better then the real thing...(please don't tell them I said that).
If you love cream cheese mints, you'll love these gumdrops~

Mix up a batch of the cream cheese mint recipe - HERE
Divide the dough and color into six gumdrop colors.
Roll between plastic wrap.
Cut with arch cutter and dip in sanding sugar.
Lay on parchment paper.
Add six gumdrops to a bag and tie with the little tag. 
Of course, I am not going to stop there, why not make gumdrop cake pops?

Oh yes, these are cake pops, made with my brownie pan!
Use vanilla CandiQuik, color it in your choice of colors.
I always store my colored candy in jars and reheat as needed. 
Bake your cake pops in the Wilton brownie pan, dip in the colored CandiQuik and sprinkle with white sanding sugar. 
(I used a lemon flavored cake recipe and it had too many air bubbles - they worked fine for dipping though)
Now, how could I make gumdrops with chocolate?  Like this~
Maybe they're not the perfect shape, but they are peanut butter filled chocolate gumdrops.
Here's how~
It all started with the ice cube mold I found a Wal-Mart.  
I already had the colored chocolate, so I needed to make the peanut butter filling. HERE
Just pour a little melted chocolate in the ice cube mold and paint up the sides. 
Let the colored chocolate set until hard and pipe peanut butter filling in the center and tip with more colored chocolate. 
Place the tray in the freezer until hard and pop out just like you would for an ice cube! 
I tasted one and they were very good, who knew I had such big teeth???? 
Now, to get the sugar on the chocolate was a bit messy.  I dipped the candy into Karo syrup and then into the sugar. 
Set them to dry and added them to a candy box.
Just a couple more ideas and then I'll let you go, I promise!
Gumdrop filled Mason Jar Cookies!
Would you believe this is the first time I've used my mason jar cookie cutter? 
I had to bring it out sooner or later and here it is. 
Plus I made royal icing transfers for the gumdrops - just like Lisa, The Bearfoot Baker taught me, check out her blog for great step by step instructions. HERE
After making the gumdrop template, I made several bags of royal icing and the rest is History! 
Frost the cookies with the basket weave tip and buttercream frosting.
Add the dried royal icing gumdrops by piping a little frosting on the back of each one.
Cut out red fondant for the little lid cover and add to the cookie.
Using a toothpick add a couple of lines for the rim.
Using the Wilton ball tool, make the ruffle.
Tie it up with bakers twine and you've just made yourself a jar of gumdrops.
You know, when I was frosting the cookie, I got to thinking how easy it would have been to just cut a gumdrop in half and put it on the cookie, you wouldn't have to make royal icing transfers.
In case some of my gumdrop ideas are just not what you have in mind, how about a simple gumdrop sugar cookie.  I have that too...
Now that is what I call a GUMDROP Sugar Cookie.  I just happened to have an extra candy corn cookie cutter which I bent into the shape of a gumdrop.
(No actual Gumdrops were injured during the filming of this blog post!)
And that my friends, completes the Gumdrop Roundup!
Now are you saying...
Goody Goody Gumdrops?


  1. What a fun collection of gumdrop treats. Of course, I love the candies themselves. I actually ate a few just yesterday. All your sweets are so cute, but my favorite are the mason jars. I'm glad you finally used your cutter to make them! Pinning.

  2. I love all of these, but those mason jars are killing me! SO adorable :)

  3. Those mason jar cookies are too cute!

  4. Love love love the mason jar gum drops cookie!!

  5. Oh my! How do you think of all your wonderful ideas! I love them all! I LOVE cream cheese mints and wish I could eat those right now! All so cute!

    1. Cream cheese mints are good ANY time of year, right?

  6. These are all so cute! I really love the gumdrop mason jars and chocolate gum drops! Thanks for these wonderful ideas! :)

  7. goody goody gumdrops for sure! the colors! be still my heart...! y'know Kim, every time i visit you it's like reading a mini magazine. you have SOOOO many wonderful ideas and everything is just so darn perfectly executed! one post would take up 2 months time for me with all the ideas you have. lol thank you so much for your wonderful creative brain. :)
    keep 'em comin' cuz i am lovin' e'm! and these gumdrop ideas are to die for! :)

    1. Aww, Lisa, thanks so much for the sweet comment! I don't think it would take you 2 months, I've seen you work! :)

  8. Goodie, Goodie Gumdrops!!!! Your pictures are amazing with all the gorgeous colors screaming make me please! Love each think you have made here. Pinning NOW!!

  9. Fabulous treats Kim!! Every single one of them!! When I saw the jar cookies featured on Sew Can Do, before even seeing your name I thought they looked like your work... and sure enough they were!! Love the jar cookies... love em all!

    1. Aww thanks Maysem! So nice to hear from you - Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. you are so creative!! Happy Thanksgiving!


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