The Partiologist: Fall Leaf Cookies!

Fall Leaf Cookies!

Find out how I turn simple leaf cookies into simply beautiful fall leaf cookies!

Fall Leaf Cookies

Today I'm sharing a few simple cookie ideas for Thanksgiving.  Can you believe today's post doesn't involve chocolate?  As much as I love chocolate, these cookies run a close second.  I needed something to fill my turkey platter and because the last time I cooked a whole turkey...umm, you could say I didn't know you were supposed to take something out of the turkey.  So I decided to go the safe route and make Fall Leaf Cookies to fill my turkey platter.
You might think they look complicated, but they're not. 
So how 'bout I show you how to decorate the cookies, using only one size tip? 
Yes, I said only ONE decorating tip to achieve all three looks. 
Here's how...

Choose from your pile of leaf shaped cookie cutters.  Using your favorite sugar cookie recipe, cut and bake.  NOT cut and paste.

Mix up a batch of buttercream frosting and color it with four fall colors. 
Fill a pastry bag with the four colors and add #3 round Wilton decorating tip.
Now the cookies are ready to be decorated.
Using the red frosting first, I piped a bit of a squiggle line diagonally across the cookie.
Then I took a paint brush (only used for edible crafts) and pulled the buttercream down, from the center.
Continue piping squiggly lines across the cookie, alternating colors, pulling down each row.

Once you get to the bottom, you guessed it, you're done.

Next I piped little rows of beads on the cookie.

Using the same size tip, Wilton #3, I piped the orange row of three, the red row of three and then I remembered to take some photos.

Make a dot of frosting and pull the tip out, continue until you have the desired number of dots in your row.

Only pipe your frosting to the center of the cookie and then repeat starting from the other side.

Alternate the colors randomly down the cookie.
Once the cookie is covered in colored frosting dotted row, add a sprinkling of white sanding sugar.

Last, but not least.  The striped and dotted cookie.  Easy. Peasy.

Pipe lines of frosting across the cookie.  Alternating colors until the entire cookie is covered.

Go back and add random yellow dots, then orange dots, red dots.  I think you get the picture.

Add them to your turkey platter.

  It's the look of fall, without all that raking!

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  1. Gorgeous cookies, and I love the idea of no raking! Cheryl

  2. Lovely....Simply Lovely!

  3. wow even if i raked til my hands fell off i'd never get cookies as good as yours! ;)

  4. Awe Kim! They are beautiful!! LOVE the COLORS!

    1. Thank you Lisa, fall colors are so pretty aren't they!

  5. I'm sure mine wouldn't turn out as amazing as yours, but I love how simple they are. I really feel like I could make them!


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