The Partiologist: A Very Merry Party Table!

A Very Merry Party Table!

Could it be I'm the only one hosting a Very Merry Christmas dinner for family? I'm hoping you're planning a Christmas Dinner, because each and everything I created for their Disney themed Christmas party could be switched from mouse ears to ornaments!
And it wouldn't be a party without a party table, right?  I wanted to make the dining table fun and exciting without going out and buying a bunch of stuff.  And that's just what I did.

Very Merry Christmas Table!

Notice anything special about the holly?  This was one of my favorite ideas, changing holly berries to mouse ears!

The entire table d├ęcor was made with poster board, wrapping paper and faux snow.
Because it's a very merry dinner party.

Here's how to put it together.

Start with a very wide roll of wrapping paper, cellophane and faux snow.

Red and green poster board.
Using the 12" x 24" Cricut mat, cut several Mickey Mouse placemats.
I used the Mickey cartridge and sized it accordingly.

In case you don't have a Cricut, you could easily cut three circles to make the placemat.

And if you're not wanting a Disney theme, cut the poster board into round ornament shapes.

Roll the wrapping paper across the entire length of the table and wrap it around each end.
Tape the ends under the table.
Sprinkle with snow, covering the entire table.
Add the Mickey shaped placemats on top of the snow, alternating red and green.
Roll the cellophane wrap across the top, covering the snow and the place mats.
Wrap the cellophane around the ends of the table and secure with tape.

For the napkin rings, cut 4" long strips.
Mickey Mouse Ears.
Wrap the napkin around the silverware and wrap with strip, hot glue the strip and ears.

Again, for a non Disney theme, cut out ornaments in place of the mouse ears.

My favorite was adding mouse ears in place of the holly.
Cut the holly with the Cricut and punch the mouse ears with Mickey punch.
Stick the holly on the glasses, using a glue dot.

The glass on the left ear and the cup on the right!

With the bowl in the middle.

Dinner is served!
Chicken tortilla soup with Mickey Mouse tortilla chips.

To make the shaped tortilla chips, cut with a cookie cutter.
After making the first two, I was able to stack five tortillas on top of each other and cut several at one time.
Lay the shaped tortillas on a cookie sheet, spray with a little oil and sprinkle with salt.
Bake until crispy and browned on edges.

I actually made chicken tortilla soup, but didn't take any photos for proof. 

The bowls will have to be the proof!

I hope you enjoyed my Very Merry Christmas Party, thanks for coming!


  1. So clever, I just love it all! Cindi

  2. i do not think there is anyone in this world who works so hard at parties and comes up with PERFECTION each and every time! i LOVE the sprinkle idea with the cellophane on top. makes for easy clean up as those darn sprinkles would go everywhere! and the mickey holly is genius. you really have a gift and am so happy you share it:)

    1. Thank you so much Lisa! The clean up was a breeze and I can reuse all the Mickey placemats as they were protected from any spills! And the wrap was still clean, so it just might be this years wrapping paper for Christmas gifts! :)

  3. I would love to attend Kim's Very Merry Christmas Party!! Look at those adorable Mickey tortillas-and that table. So pretty! :)


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