The Partiologist: Lace Topped Cake Pops!

Lace Topped Cake Pops!

I admit I can't grow anything outdoors, so all of my urns are inside, being filled with something sweet.  When I ordered these urns, I had plans to use them out on my front step, filled with something beautifully faux.  I found them in a catalog and they were just what I was looking for.  Quickly, I ordered and waited patiently for them to arrive.  Pretty soon, two small boxes appeared on my doorstep, I opened the boxes to find two small...very small urns, about twelve inches tall.  Looks like I should have read the description.
I really think it was meant to be, or I would not have had these urns to plant my pretty flower cake pops, right?
Lace Topped Cake Pops!

After topping the cake pop with cake lace flowers and pretty floral straws, they were ready to plant.
They were perfect, no watering needed.

I filled the urns with sand and topped with moss and inserted the cake pops.
Here's what I did to make them grow.
I warned you I would be using cake lace all over the place, right?
Here is another way.
The Cake Lace mix I purchased at Hobby Lobby.
Followed the directions and spread it onto my mat.  (I used the same type of mat, different design)
Removed the excess cake lace and let it dry overnight.
Once they were dry, I peeled the mat from the lace.
And with a dab of frosting, I placed the flower on the side of the cake pop.
And topped it with a small pink sugar pearl.
As you know, I'm still in love with the cake lace and try and find ways to use it on everything.

This is just a sneak peek of the party table, can't wait to show you more!


  1. It was meant to be, they are not only beautiful, but beautifully displayed! Cindi

  2. Oh so lovely in lace cake pops! What an awesome way to use the lace..i would never have thought of it! Soooo pretty. :)

    1. Awww, thank you! Like I said, I want to put cake lace on everything!

  3. Very Nice!!! Is the lace brittle or soft? How does it taste?

    1. Thank you! The cake lace is very soft and unfortunately, doesn't have the best taste so I would probably not eat it, although it is edible.


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