The Partiologist: French Kisses!

French Kisses!

Bonjour! Wouldn't it be so exciting for me to be sending a blog post from France?  Because I'm not expecting European travel to happen any time soon, I decided to send French Kisses.  It all started when I got my new Eifel Tower and Poodle cookie cutters.
French Kisses

Right away I thought about having a Paris themed party.
Then right away I thought about not having a party and making cookies.
Cookies to use for Valentine's Day.
And that is why the French Kiss cookies were made.

I couldn't decide on a favorite.
The poodle was cute.
But so were the kisses.
And then I decided.
My favorite was the Eiffel Tower.
And I thought about making a tutorial.
I started decorating and the cookies were finished.
Without photos or videoing.
But really, I'm happy to answer any questions you might have.

You too can send French Kisses this Valentine's Day using the adorable poodle and Eiffel tower cookie cutter from Sweet Sugarbelle!
Hugs and French Kisses!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so much! I' not sure if I'll do a tutorial this year, but stay tuned for the next cookie post...I've got a video! :)

  2. Super duper adorable! I love the simplified Eiffel Tower! I struggled with making a fairly realistic one a few months ago, and love your take on it!! 😘😘

    1. I can't imagine making a realistic Eiffel Tower cookie! Happy you like these!

  3. Absolutely adorable! Soooo clever.❤❤ Christine

  4. Best French Kisses I've ever heard of! The Eiffel Tower is absolutely perfect...It is spot on in the cookie arrangement!

  5. Oh Kim, you put the OLala in all you do. Love these!!!!


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