The Partiologist: XOX Valentine Cookies with Video!

XOX Valentine Cookies with Video!

I'm on a roll... a chocolate sugar cookie roll.  It's my new love, I can't stop making chocolate sugar cookies and I can't stop eating them!  It's the perfect cookie for Valentine's Day, right?  I made XOX cookies to show you the love.
XOX Valentine Cookies!
You can't go wrong with XOX and Chocolate.
It's the perfect combo.
Maybe you want to send out an XOX?

For the chocolate cookie recipe, I love Sweetopia.

Now for the video.

I used tipless piping bags with royal icing.

Rolkem Gold for the Heart.

Black buttercream for the stripes using a round #2 decorating tip.
I loved the way the red and white popped against the chocolate cookie background.

Maybe it will be your new love?



  1. You have such a steady hand. Your piping is impeccable and these cookies are so pretty. I love that they are chocolate!!!

    1. Aww, you're so sweet, however if you would have seen my last piped cookie, let's just say, I had too much coffee! :)

  2. you write with a piping bag better than i write with a regular pen any day! :>O

  3. You are so right...YOU CAN'T GO WRONG WITH CHOCOLATE AND XOX!!!!!

  4. We love the chocolate cookies..keep 'em coming! Your XOX cookies are beautifully sweet and bring back some sweet memories. My precious Memaw always signed her cards to us with XXXOOOs. Your cookies are perfect! :o)

    1. Wait until you see the next chocolate cookies! :) Thank you so much, happy to bring you sweet memories!

  5. I love the gold heart in the middle. Adds a great touch! From, twobeautifulgirls

  6. YAY! Thank you so much, I'll be there for sure! :)


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