The Partiologist: Birthday Cookie Donuts!

Birthday Cookie Donuts!

Without a plan, I roam around the store.  Even with a plan, I roam around looking at everything, even though there is really nothing I need, I always seem to find something I want.  In this case, I actually needed it, only after I saw it.  Anyway, it led me to making these cookies for a friend's birthday.

Birthday Cookie Donuts!
Now do you see why I wanted those cute little picks?  They were probably made for a cupcake, but I imagined a cookie.  

A few cookies to be exact.

You do-nut need to have a special donut cookie cutter, any round cutters will work!

I used two from the set of several round cutters.  I love this set and use it ALL the time.

With the party picks as my guide, I mixed up my very own sprinkle combination.

Squiggled the icing on, not letting it go off the edge.

Before it was completely dry, I added the sprinkles.  It was hard not to add TOO many sprinkles.  

Then I packaged each cookie and added the pick to the top.

I decided to make both pink and white donuts... cookies.

Donut you want to take a bite?


  1. It's always fun when inspiration strikes when you see something like those birthday picks. I'm guessing your friend loved her cookie donuts! Who wouldn't?

    1. Thank you Beth and I agree, I love when I find something I'm not looking for! :)

  2. Those look like real donuts. Yummm...

  3. I do-nut know how you keep coming up with more and more adorable-r ideas!! LOve these donut cookies! p,s. I do the same thing in every store I visit!


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