The Partiologist: Bee Themed Favor Box!

Bee Themed Favor Box!

I've got one more party favor to share.  This time all you have to do is buy the Bee favor boxes and candy and you're good to go.  Before I even knew I would be hosting a gender reveal party, the little boxes were in my "saved for later" shopping cart.  How handy is that?  I have everything saved for later and then with a click of a button, they can be on their way.  Just like the boxes.
Bee Themed Party Favor!
As cute as the little bee favor boxes are, maybe you've got them in your save for later cart too?
What do you think the perfect filling would BEE?  A homemade treat?  A store bought treat?  Give me your ideas and I'll give you mine.  I knew because I was making so many desserts, I really wanted to make this ahead of time and use store bought treats.
As easy as this seems, I thought for a long time deciding what to fill the box with.  Then it hit me, Bit 'O Honey candy. 

And how easy is that?  Buy the box, buy the candy and you've got yourself a treat.  Even the ribbon comes with the box.  (Note:  I ironed each ribbon and trimmed the ends before I tied it around the top of the boxes).  Yes, I still iron.

These Bee topped boxes are just as cute in person, if not cuter. 

And I filled each box with ten Bit 'O Honey candies.  Like anyone would know if their box was only filled with nine and someone else got ten, or even eleven.  But I had to count them and fill each the same because I would know.  And that's what counts, I knew they were all the same. 

At this point someone may be shaking their head.  Not agreeing, but in disbelief. 

Anyway, these boxes are...

Sweet as can BEE!

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