The Partiologist: Honeycomb Cake!

Honeycomb Cake!

First it was going to be a Bee Hive Cake, but decided to do something a little different and make a Honeycomb Cake.  First attempt was a little messy, well actually a complete disaster.  But that's when I try even harder, to complete the task that didn't go as planned.  After learning from my first mistakes, I was able to complete the Honeycomb Cake!
Honeycomb Cake!
Once I figured it out, it came together great.  And I thought this was such a genius idea I couldn't wait to share.  Then I did a little research and guess what?  It had been done before.  Oh well, I guess there are a lot of geniuses out there.

And remember when I wanted to add the little bees to the Honeycomb Cookie Platter?  Well, I found another use for those little buzzers.

With a very sharp knife, the cake was easy to cut.  And easier to eat.

I'll show you how the cake finally came together.

The first step is to bake your cake a frost it.  Any cake, any flavor.  I used a buttercream frosting and let it set until it crusted.

Then roll out a piece of bubble wrap, long enough to go around the cake.  Measure the bubble wrap around the cake and trim, just above the top and even on the side.

 Melt yellow candy melts (add one chocolate wafer to make it a more golden in color).

Lay the precut bubble wrap across a long piece of waxed paper or parchment paper. 

Spread a layer of candy melts across the bubble wrap, making sure to go to the edges.

Now, this is where it can be a little tricky.  If you try and wrap around the cake before it is set long enough, you'll have a mess.  Ask me how I know.

So when the sheet of candy coated bubble wrap is set just enough, without it being too runny or too hard, lift the sheet of bubble wrap and wrap it around your cake.

Leave the bubble wrap around the cake until it is completely solid.

Once the candy melts are set completely firm, carefully peel off the bubble wrap.

With the remaining candy melts, spread more across another piece of bubble wrap.

Let it harden on the wrap and then break into pieces.

Add tiny bumble bees to the pieces and stick into the top of the cake.

Now your hive is ready to BEE served.


  1. This cake turned out great. How did you cut through the chocolate?

    1. Thank you Beth! I was able to cut right through the cake with a very sharp knife. When I made it I thought it might break apart while serving, but I was able slice right through the honeycomb! I wish I had taken a photo.

  2. Such a genius idea!! I turned out amazing!


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