The Partiologist: Buffalo Plaid Christmas!

Buffalo Plaid Christmas!

Filling my center island with dessert and appetizers is always a given.  This year decorating with Buffalo Plaid was so much fun.  I started by gathering all the black display pieces I could find.  Which I found I didn't have a lot.  So I had to be creative.  By adding wrapping paper to frames, some of the décor was created.

Buffalo Plaid Christmas!

And some of the décor I I had to buy.  I fell in love with the black reindeer and knew I would use them every year in my office.  So I justified the purchase.

The black square frame has been used in many of my parties!  I just change out the background and make it fit the current theme.

This time I cut Merry and a reindeer from card stock with my Cricut and glued on a red nose.  Each were added to the glass outside the frame.

Next I needed something for serving my appetizers.

The black frame, is just that.  A frame.  No glass, no backing.  Again, I have used this frame in SO many ways.  This time, I cut buffalo plaid wrapping paper to fit the frame and placed it on the island.  Then I went on a mission to find smaller black frames to fit inside, to hold the serving pieces.

I went as far as taking my wooden frame to the store and sat it on the floor and found enough wooden frames to fit inside. And yes, I did get a few strange looks and I was only stepped on once.

Under the glass in the small black frames, I added black card stock.

Now the frames were ready to serve the appetizers. The fresh pineapple, blueberries and pomegranate seeds looked so pretty!  Maybe not pretty, the bacon wrapped water chestnuts were yummy.

I also used a small black frame to hold the buffalo plaid napkins.

The taro chips were so colorful and delicious.  Plus I didn't have to make another appetizer. By the time our Christmas celebration is here, anything last minute I can buy is the best.  The small glasses were ready to be filled with a little bubbly.

I did make the cornbread muffins, which fit perfectly inside the cupcake wrappers.  You don't even know how excited I was when I found buffalo check wrappers!  It's the little things.

Off to the side were sugared cranberries, homemade spicy chickpeas and my favorite, wasabi peas!

And a family favorite, servings of shrimp cocktail.

Tomorrow it's All about the Cake!


  1. I LOVE the idea of using picture frames to hold your appetizers. You are the most amazing party hostess! You always have such clever decorating ideas.

    1. Thank you so much, it really turned out just the way I had hoped! :)


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