The Partiologist: Pool Party!

Pool Party!

Here it is the end of June and no pool in sight. But I didn't let that stop me from creating an indoor pool party. I've had one before, but this time it started indoors and ended up outside. With so many pools closed, it's time to get creative, right?

Splish Splash!

Splish Splash, it's a Pool Party Bash! Don't you love the invitations I made? Simple enough when you only need to make three...

I found so many ways to stay cool. Which was good because it turned out to be the perfect weather for a pool party, Hot & Sunny!

Take a look and see all the "cool" things I made for the party.

Do you remember the Indoor Pool Party from the past? You can check it out HERE.

I used some of the same serving pieces, only different ways to display the treats. The swim rings, holding bowls on a water themed table cloth. Want to know what it was?

Since there were only five adults, I didn't need too many, but of course I had plenty treats because who doesn't like to take home a box full of desserts?

And one of my favorites were the Muddy Buddy Chex Mix. Placed inside a beach ball bag, made it easy to take home.

They were the perfect treat to fill the beach ball bags!

Another favorite is the Rice Krispie Treat, this time topped with a peanut butter & chocolate combo!

And what fun would it be without the ever popular pool noodles?

This time they came in the form of a chocolate covered pretzel. 

Maybe if I don't mention it, you won't notice the cake pops, with the sunglasses?

But I do want you to notice the bing cherry pie...sooooo good. The perfect summer treat!

These chocolate walnut clusters were going to be something else, but happy to report when I made these I made the right decision.

Something I didn't make was the striped licorice.

The marshmallows were dipped into brightly colored candy melts and topped with a beach ball pick.

One last look at the desserts, the cupcakes in the middle.

Ready to move on over to the beverage counter?

Beach balls holding our beverages and the sand bucket was filled with Ice Pops... A pool party wouldn't be complete without it!

The swim rings in the back were not only part of the decor, they were part of the game.

Now it's time to eat.

BBQ potato chips were the centerpiece. Way less expensive than flowers.

Mini beach balls also filled the table.

And I even had beach ball napkins. 

The glasses were filled with none other than water and a pinwheel.

My parties have games and my games have prizes! I took the rings that were displayed behind the drinks and played ring toss.

After a couple games, we got out the water balloons and squirt guns and we all were pretty much were soaked. Someone I won't name got a hold of the hose.

After purchasing the bags, I added the wooden pool umbrella to the front.

Each bag was filled with a beach towel and sunglasses.

Does it make you want to have your own pool party?

Make a Splash!


  1. Your party decor and food are always so much fun and it sounds like you even had a lot of fun playing games. I can't wait to see you next party!

    1. Thanks Beth, it was a great day, perfect weather to get soaked. My kids say they like the new quarantine mom, I'm doing things I never thought I would do! ;)

  2. I once did a pool party for my middle son and we used the beach ball as inspiration for everything at the party. It's so hard not to smile with all those primary colors and delicious foods!

    1. How fun, I'm sure your son LOVED the party and I agree, a beach ball is definitely the perfect inspiration!

  3. WOW!!!! This looks like it was so much fun and a wonderful afternoon. Loved all the bright and beautiful colors and that cherry pie looked amazing. What a fun idea to throw themed parties at at time when there isn't much going out.

    1. We really had a great day, those bright colors were perfect for a summer party. Thanks so much!

  4. Summer here! Pool party time is coming. Thanks for great ideas.

    1. You're so very welcome...I think I'm ready for another pool party!


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