The Partiologist: Hula Girl Cupcakes!

Hula Girl Cupcakes!

Of course with this being a tropical themed party, I needed to have hula dancers. Have you ever gone to a Hawaiian luau and wanted to dance along with the hula dancers? Admit it, you tried when you were alone. Wait, was that just me?

Hula Girl Cupcakes!

I'm pretty sure these little cupcakes were dancing for all the guests to see.

A few years ago I did several tropical treats on my blog and made these hula girls into Rice Krispie Treats. 

This time I decided to make them into cupcakes. Check out the tutorial on the RKT Hula Girls if you want to know how I made the skirt. HERE.

I feel like they should all have names.

These were displayed on Kraft color cupcake wrappers right behind the Rice Krispie Treats on the Tropical Dessert Island!

Swaying in the breeze. On each side, you could find more tropical treats. A couple dipped marshmallows topped with a parrot. Easy peasy.

And of course, the chocolate dipped macaroon. One of my faves.

Something I'm not good at, but keep trying...the French Macaron. Today they're tropical with the little pink hibiscus. 

Do I dare admit I have another table full of tropical desserts?
YIKES it's true. Stay tuned for more.



  1. You French macarons look great! They are THE most challenging cookies to make. The hula girls are adorable. I love the picks.

    1. I'm happy you think the French macarons look good, that flowers covers a lot! LOL Thank you so much!

  2. could there be anything more adorable. so creative

  3. Where are the hula girls from?


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