The Partiologist: Tropical Cake Pops!

Tropical Cake Pops!

I was feeling beachy when creating the cake pops. Waikiki beachy. And I've got a lot more to share today. You're going to love it.

Tropical Cake Pops!

With the bamboo printed straws, the cake pops were dipped in sand, otherwise known as brown sanding sugar.

Wasn't it a sweet way to spend on the beach?

And of course, with all my parties, I needed a box to send home treats.

By hot gluing hibiscus flowers to the box they turned out pretty tropical.

And then the games, yes we had games. And prizes. Starting with the pineapple float. No ice cream included. One for the winner of the game and one for the birthday girl.

And of course what could be more tropical than taffy? Well, probably a lot, but these were a hit.

Four prizes to four lucky winners.

And then the sofa table held the tropical punch. Also, there was to be iced tea in the totem pole dispenser. But when I was washing it out, I realized it was leaking. It was so cool I had to use it anyway.

I called it the Leaky Tiki.

Isn't it great? And I have good news, I was able to find one that doesn't leak, so it will be ready for the next tropical occasion!

So the Iced tea was served below deck.

With little plastic creatures hanging on the side.

Talk about fun in the sun...or fun in the artificial kitchen lighting.


  1. Did you create the shells that are attached to your cake pops using fondant and mold? They look perfect!

    1. Thank you, yes I created them from fondant and a shell mold!

  2. Love everything! Thanks for sending me to the beach this morning!

    1. You're welcome, it's a great way to start the day!


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