The Partiologist: Tropical Dessert Table!

Tropical Dessert Table!

I told you there was another table. 

A tropical themed table, full of desserts, decor and more.

Tropical Dessert Table!

Because I just had too many ideas.

Each glass cake stand was wrapped in a flower lei. Do you have any idea what those weird little cakes are over to the right?

Lemon cakes dressed up to look like pineapples. Yes, I think I had to tell my guests what they were.

The cream cheese mints were also dressed up to look tropical but tasted minty.

And licorice. Tropical licorice, tasted like the tropics and packaged like the tropics.

I know you've seen the totem pole ice cube mold everywhere, haven't you? Well, I turned them into chocolate covered caramel totem poles.

But what do you call it if it's not an entire pole?


And I loved the palm leaf and raffia decor for the table.

And here's more to love.

The flower leis on each side of the table.

Some day I want a new dining table. But for now, I hot glue raffia and hibiscus to the edge.

Maybe I don't deserve a new dining table?

A couple of deserts deserve their own post. Like the cake and cake pops. Stay tuned for those!

It was a tropical paradise!


  1. Such fun desserts. I love the pinapple shaped cakes and love that they were lemon. O.K, I have to ask! You hot glue decorations to your table? How do you get the glue and decorations off once you are done? Does the glue peel off without damaging the wood?

    1. LOL Yep, the glue peels right off without damage. Well...maybe a little damage. My table is so old I can't tell what is the new damage and what is the old damage! :)

  2. You did it again!!!! How do you knock it out of the park time after time? everything looks just amazing. I want one of those pineapple cakes right now!

    1. LOL I think my mind works overtime and I love creating! Thank you so much, I think I want one of those little cakes too! :)


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