The Partiologist: Jungle Themed Birthday!

Jungle Themed Birthday!

What could be more fun than a jungle themed birthday party? Answer...A jungle themed 2nd birthday party for my granddaughter! That's right, when my daughter decided on the jungle theme, I couldn't wait to hear her ideas.

Jungle Themed 2nd Birthday Party! 

And to make me even more excited, she said she wanted to do her party in pink and gold and a little green! I just loved the idea and couldn't wait to get started making the desserts.

Of course the cake is always the most complicated dessert on the table. Trying to get it just right and then traveling 30 minutes with it on my lap is the hardest part.

I rolled pink fondant and sprayed on a gold design leopard print. Wrapped it around the center of the cake and frosted in a fault line design. After it set a bit, I painted the edges with gold.

And for the top, I pressed fondant into a Wilton animal mold. Let set and painted with edible gold.

The easiest part was cutting the Wild Two cake topper from gold sparkly cardstock. Put it all together an there you have it!

Before even starting on the cake, I was making other sweets. You know like my favorite RKT?

I used a mold and made the chocolate topper. Using two other molds, I made green chocolate leaves and fondant elephants. Painted each elephant with gold, then added them all to the RKT. 

Notice the cupcake wrappers? I turn them inside out for display and the design shows!

Another favorite is the OREO. Not my favorite for eating, but a favorite for decorating.

Similar to the RKT, the OREO was covered in light green chocolate and topped with a gold painted giraffe and green chocolate leaf.

No monkeying around, I had to make cake pops. With a gold straw and pink wrapper for display.

Don't you just love those faces?

Other sweets without design included the chocolate chip banana cookies.

I cut all the wild confetti with my cricut.

Good thing there was a sign, because can you guess what the cream cheese mints are to be?

Jungle Hat Cream Cheese Mints. And when writing this post and looking through photos, I totally could not remember what they were. In my defense, the party happened a year ago!

A gold dessert stand displayed the cupcakes and cake pops.

Walking into the jungle party!

Leaf trays filled with homemade Wild Animal Crackers!

And pink wafer cookies wrapped with cellophane and an added sticker.

I printed Happy Birthday Brynlee on clear return address labels and stuck them on the package.

The table holding all the sweets!

And take home boxes to fill to the brim.

And the little stuffed jungle animals ready to be taken home too!

Did I forget the cookies?
No...stay tuned!


  1. I love the unique color combination for the jungle party. Your creativity always impresses! Your dessert table looks amazing.

    1. Thank you so much, when Heidi decided upon the jungle theme with pink and gold I was thrilled! :)

  2. Not only is it totally wild, it is totally adorable! What a fun party

  3. you knocked this one out of the jungle!! love the color combination!!

    1. Aww, thank you so much! I was in love with the color combination too! :)


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