The Partiologist: Garden Party Highlights!

Garden Party Highlights!

After making the little inch worm cupcakes, I thought I should show you some highlights of the Garden Party where they would have been the perfect fit along with the bumble bees.  Of Course, yhe Invitation.

Garden Party Invitation

Faux Gardening Advice, Call Your Perennial Host - (I crack myself up!)
Some of you may remember, my garden party was indoors~complete with edible insects~and not the Survivor kind~
Backyard Bugs include Lemon Butterflies and Dragonflies.
A few Mushrooms were growing (fondant topped brownies)!
I baked the brownies, frosted and cut them out with a cookie cutter.  Decorated with fondant.
Rosemary Flower Pot Bread
I took out the top two layers out of my cupcake stand so my flower pots would fit! 
And I had to find a way to use this fluffy stuff!
Sunny Skies and Cotton Candy Clouds!
The cupcakes for each place setting~
Topped with a butterfly...
Sitting on edible grass under a glass dome~
 I've got a few more highlights I'll share.  Since this party happened before my blogging days, I don't have any step by step tutorials. I might just have to recreate a thing or two and share the recipes, you name it and I'll recreate it! 

It's A Delicious Dilemma!


  1. I love the rosemary flowerpot bread! What a fun way to serve brad. Love it!

  2. I love the brownies and the flowerpot bread is awesome. Kim you are amazing,i love all your ideas!

  3. I love this theme, too! How do you think of these things. I never would have thought of cutting out brownies. What a great idea!

  4. Love each party element! Have you already posted the flowerpot rosemary bread because I just must have the recipe. It looks so delicious and especially so in the cute pots. Also do you make your own invitations. If so I was wondering what program you use. You make everything look so wonderful. What fun it would have been to attend such a delightful garden party!!


    1. Thanks Nann! Sometimes I do make my own invitations, but I don't have a program - maybe just the one in my head! :) And I haven't posted the Rosemary Bread recipe...yet!

  5. This is so great you have no idea!!! I have 5 girls and one is just turning 4 this month and I am all out of ideas for Birthdays. I am tired of the princess, pinkalicious, typical little girl birthday parties. I kept asking my 4 year old what she wanted and she would just repeat she wanted a moonjump at her party! I needed help! We live on 5 acres and the butterflies here are amazing! Even better, my 4 year old loves to chase them! So I knew we had to do something with butterflies! Your pictures and ideas are just what I needed, thanks!

  6. What a party! From the invitations to the delectable treats and the very inventive way of serving everything.

  7. Nothing in the world can ever be better than a cloud in a sundae dish! Fabulous!

  8. I'm having a nice cup of tea while catching up on all of your posts. You are the best!!!


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