The Partiologist: More Stars...No Stripes!

More Stars...No Stripes!

I'm always seeing beautiful glasses and stemware, however, I don't.. shouldn't..can't..won't..let myself buy them.  Because I know I can make something just as fun, and use the same glasses over again with a new design for each Holiday.  The latest project was very simple and you can make them with any glasses you have on hand.  I used my stem"less"wear~

Patriotic Glasses

Yes, I know I have alot of punches.  I get my money's worth out of them.  This time I used my star punch and red contact paper.
Peeled off the back and stuck them on the glasses. 
And added cute Patriotic Straws!
How's this for an easy peasy diy project?
And you can make these up waaaay ahead of time.  Like now.

More Red, White & FaBLUEous to Come!


  1. They look so cute! The possibilities are endless! Love the straws too:)

    1. Thanks Sue, you should see what I do with my glasses! :)

  2. Great idea! Looking forward to using a few of your ideas for the 4th!

  3. These are as cute as they were easy to make!

  4. Very creative! I love it! I never would have thought of using contact paper!

  5. Sometimes I feel bad because I just say, you're amazing, you're amazing...but that sums it up! You are!

  6. this is great, I just got some contact paper from the Dollar Tree and thought this is gonna inspire me somehow! I love the idea of reusing party decorations for less storage and less waste! Good idea! You are really good at thinking out of the box!

  7. I'm so un-inspirational I even thought you forgot to talk about putting the little stars on the glass also. Then when I really looked close I saw that those little ones were on the straw.
    See, that's why some of your followers think you are like the grand poopa...(is that a compliment? I hope so because I meant it that way.) Thanks for all your creativity.


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