The Partiologist: Valentine Ideas!

Valentine Ideas!

I've been so busy with life, it seems I haven't had the time to devote to making special Valentine Treats.  Then I started looking back at all the sweets I've made in the past and I got to thinking, if I can't even remember I've made them, how can you?  So I decided I would share some of my favorites from the past.  Find them all HERE.
Valentine Sweet Treats!

Out of all the Valentine sweet treats, I thought the caramel hearts were my favorite.  But then I realized I don't think they were coated in dark chocolate.  What's your favorite chocolate?  Here you can make your own chocolate bar and decide your own chocolate.

Or you can make your little Debbie Cakes ever prettier by adding fondant roses and royal icing leaves.

But one of my favorites is the chocolate heart cookie topped with a edible heart doily.  And there's a video tutorial showing how!

Or if you're in need of a creative way to hand out valentines, no mixing required, these printable Valentine cards are for you!

I don't know if you can tell, but these are really mini chocolate kiss cookies, wrapped in the original Hershey kiss wrappers.

Don't ask what actually happened to the chocolate kisses.

Or say Happy Valentine's Day with these simple cake pops.

And if you can find the conversation hearts, these cupcakes are about as simple as they come.

Now here's the caramel topped marshmallows, dipped in chocolate.  Come to me.

And another kiss, this time it's a giant kiss cookie.  Find out how to get the crackle.

Have you ever worked with wafer paper?  It's so fun and really takes your cookies to the next level.

And these Rice Krispie Treats happened because of the cute tag.  You know me, Rice Krispie Treats ALWAYS happen.

But the truffles are super cute too.

And then I had this idea for squiggle topped cupcakes.  No mold required.

So much fun to make and equally as fun to eat.

I enjoyed making the XOX chocolate cookies, I even made a tutorial.

Who loves break apart chocolate bars?  Now you can make your own, with or without filling.  Because sometimes you fill like a nut and sometimes you don't.

But my heart belongs to these Peanut Butter Roses covered in chocolate.

Now...Inquiring minds want to know.  Have you, or are you planning to make any of the Valentine Treats I just listed?  I'd love to know.

You can find all the posts with the following tutorials HERE.

Be Sweet!

Valentine Supplies HERE


  1. Oh my gosh you have been a busy girl over the last few years!!! I LOVE the lace cookies. They are so romantic looking and done to perfection. I probably will not attempt to recreate any of these beautiful treats but if I were I would probably make the carmel candy bar. There is something about carmel, chocolate and a little sea salt that gets me every time. Happy Valentines day. Your work is perfection. from,twobeautifulgirls

    1. I may have to agree, I do LOVE the lace cookies, plus they're a chocolate cookie and I completely agree about the caramel and chocolate combination, one of my favorites! Thank you!

  2. So many amazing ideas for Valentine's Day!!! I love them.


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